My Makeup Storage

Today I am sharing my new but admittedly not perfect makeup storage.


20170713_010749I have wanted to update my makeup storage for a long time, my previous one was grey plastic drawers from Wilkinson’s, and whilst the drawers allow for good storage, they most certainly don’t look pretty. As I’ve said in my room tour post, if I could I’d be going for natural wooden tones (better yet, I’d have a dressing table), but seen as all the furniture in my room is white, I’m having to stick with that for now.

The new drawers I bought are from eBay, you can purchase here, I received an email saying if I placed an order of over £30 from the eBay app I would receive a £15 discount, so instead of paying £21.79 it only cost me £11.58, I also bought a couple of other items. Score 😉 This wasn’t sent to me because of my blog, I’m assuming it was just a general promotion they were sending out to certain people, I’m not sure how I qualified for it either. I would include the code but it was a one time use only.

I have had the above storage for around 7+ years, and as I said, it worked just fine all that time, except for it’s appearance. As I keep my day to day makeup in a (big) makeup bag my drawers do not hold anything I find myself reaching for too regularly. I have liquid foundations (that never get used, and to be honest are out of date), concealers that are new and waiting to be used, lipsticks, and blushes. The next drawer contains false eyelashes, extra eyebrow pencils, and the red bag is filled with eyeliners. The bottom drawer has a variety of eye shadows and travel mirrors. When I’m being honest and rational with myself I know that the majority of the stuff stored here is A. never going to be use, B. is out of date and C. gifted and not even suitable for me, i.e. wrong colour. I occasionally become determined enough to throw some of it away but there is definitely more I could stand to lose. In the process of writing up this post I did go back through what I have and said a begrudging goodbye to 4 products – go me – Anyways..

I store my makeup sponges in some containers I bought from M&S, there is a box for the sponge when clean, and one when dirty – either way the sponge is dry before I put it in (otherwise they would grow mold). I also have a makeup egg cup (I guess that’s what you could call it) where I put the sponge to dry off after use. Whilst I love makeup sponges I find storing them really difficult, what system do you have in place?



The angle of the photo makes my makeup bag look ginormous.. it is big, but not that big.

The new wicker drawer came ready assembled, and is very light weight, whilst it is wooden, it is on the flimsier side, you can see some slight wood chipping on the underside of the drawers, but for the £11+ I was paying for it I wasn’t expecting the quality to be truly brilliant. It is nice enough though for the time being, and a cute size.

How do you store your makeup? Would you choose a dressing table or a standing storage unit?


17 thoughts on “My Makeup Storage

  1. vintagetearose says:

    I don’t speak Spanish but from a Google search I believe you said something along the lines of, “If I had space I would put something similar to yours!!! Seems perfect to have everything organised!”
    Gracias 😊 Me encanta todo para ser organizado donde sea posible — which I hope correctly says, thank you, I do love everything to be organised where possible 😉


  2. rebeccadotflynn says:

    My make up storage is none existent! I use a drawer in the bottom of my wardrobe which is easy access as I can sit to apply it in the mirrored door in the centre. Everything is just piled in and the stuff I use daily is contained in a small make up bag in the drawer! I really must get a better system as it is certainly messy!

    Love your new set up, very pretty! xx

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  3. Trix says:

    I love your new storage cabinet. I’m looking to replace my plastic storage drawers as they’re too shallow to fit much in. I do have a dressing table that my lovely neighbour shabby chic-ed and gave me when she found out that I needed one. 😊

    Liked by 1 person

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