Brands I Want More Of: Tarte

This post is going to be the third installment (you can see the first one here and the second one here) of a series I started to do about brands that I want to try more of, because what I have tried, I’ve loved. I will do a review of what I use and would be very appreciative if in the comments you could leave any suggestions for what else I should try from the brand mentioned. Hope you all like the idea of this series.



Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Airbrush Foundation & Brush     Cost – £34.52 – QVCUK

What Tarte says: ‘Powered by Amazonian clay and light-reflecting gemstones, this hypoallergenic foundation gives you natural radiance and matte coverage in a weightless, flake-free powder. The full coverage formula is all you need to cover redness, unevenness and pores, with Amazonian clay to help control oil and make your makeup last.’


The benefits:

  • Vegan
  • Long wearing (Tarte says 12 hours) – This is due to the Amazonian clay, which is known to be a perfect ingredient for better and longer wear.
  • Brightening – Supposedly due to the natural gemstone Tourmaline which is known to energize skin for a brighter and more radiant complexion. Whether it’s down to the gemstone or not, I feel that my skin looks brighter when wearing this.
  • Soft skin – Unlike some powders my skin feels very soft to the touch when wearing this, and does not look at all cakey.
  • Buildable – The custom mesh applicator and Airbuki Bamboo Powder Foundation Brush (love this product, but what’s with all the excessively long names?) which I would totally advise getting if you’re not buying from QVCUK (where you get the brush and powder together) allow for buildable coverage, you can go light or work your way up by using more powder and buffing it into the skin.
  • Breathable – The powder foundation has never felt heavy on my skin, nor caused any breakouts from wearing it daily and for long periods of time, it doesn’t settle into any fine lines. On especially dry skin days or around spots that are flaky, it can appear cakey, but I believe all powder products do that?

Before / After (with only one coating of powder)

As you can hopefully see in the above pictures (which I am still apprehensive about posting as I have on no other makeup); pores are minimised, pigmentation evened out, skin appears smoother and any shininess mattified.

This was and still is the most expensive beauty product I own, but I really, really do love this powder. It covers a multitude of imperfection whilst still feeling and looking like you are not wearing anything. I don’t wear liquid foundation because I cannot stand the feeling of ‘all that’ sitting on my face, but previous powders I have used have not had enough coverage, nor lasted long enough. Tarte looks brilliant, and by the end of the day, I still feel my skin looks good. As said above I imagine if you have very dry skin, or a lot of bad breakouts, powdered foundation would not be enough for you, and would look cakey on the skin, but if you have normal, combo or oil skin that has average breakouts I find this works great. I will be repurchasing when this runs out, which will take me quite some time.

What other products are worth trying from Tarte? 


15 thoughts on “Brands I Want More Of: Tarte

      • Linda says:

        Yes. The tape! Definitely need to get my hands on that too!

        I’ve been pretty good. With everything else in life expect for my blog. I’ve really let this slip. 😭😭 Need to get myself sorted. How about you my love? ❤️

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      • vintagetearose says:

        😔 don’t stress about it too much, like with anything in life, there is fluctuations, all the people that love you and your posts will still come back and read a post when you do it 💜 I’m good, can’t believe it’s nearly the end of July though! ❤

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  1. rebeccadotflynn says:

    I tried this powder once and it did give a great effect! I want to invest in some! Coverage looks great!

    I have used one of their mascaras in the past and It was brilliant and came in a lovely material type case. The only thing thats put me off buying it again was the price! xx

    Sent from my iPhone

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  2. JR says:

    I love the Tarte mini eyeshadow palette, it’s not expensive, I get plenty of different looks out of it, and it’s small so I can take it everywhere! Also the lipsticks they have in the blue marble looking package are beautiful.
    The only thing I would say don’t bother with are the trateist quick dry lip paints, they are so patchy, drying and just not worth the time it takes to mess with them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • vintagetearose says:

      Thank you for the suggestions! I’ll definitely look into them. I hardly ever wear lip products anyways, just lipstick occasionally so I wouldn’t have been tempted by the paints 😊 thank you very much 😊


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